Who Owns the Omni Hotel?

who is omni hotel owned by
Omni Hotels & Resorts is a global hotel chain with an expansive portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. Its properties appeal to both business and leisure travelers alike.

The company specializes in developing resort and convention city properties through acquisitions and new development. Furthermore, it has joined forces with three professional sports teams to bring luxury hotels to mixed-use developments.

Robert Rowling

Robert Rowling is a Texas-based billionaire who owns Omni Hotels & Resorts through TRT Holdings. Additionally, they own Gold’s Gym chain stores, and oil and gas exploration company Tana Exploration and have several other ventures under their belt.

Robert Rowling is a devout Christian despite his wealth. He ordered Omni hotels to remove pornographic pay-per-view channels from guest rooms and started contributing money to religious causes. Furthermore, he created The Rowling Foundation – a nonprofit that donates to numerous Christian organizations.

He owns several hotels around the country and currently has four hotel and condo projects under construction in Dallas-Fort Worth, including one on Frisco’s $5 Billion Mile. Furthermore, he owns a substantial piece of real estate in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In 1996, Rowling purchased Omni Hotels from Hong Kong-based Wharf Holdings for $500 million. He relocated the company’s headquarters from Hampton, Virginia to his base in Corpus Christi.

Since then, Omni Corporate has expanded into a chain of 60 hotels throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada with 21,000 rooms. Some are franchised while others are managed or owned by them.

Some of their properties are situated in popular tourist destinations like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Furthermore, the company has a presence in smaller, more regional towns as well.

It has also developed properties in some of America’s more exclusive neighborhoods, such as San Antonio’s Riverwalk and Orlando, Florida. Their portfolio of properties includes the luxurious La Mansion along the river in San Antonio and the historic Homestead 1766 in Hot Springs, Virginia.

The chain is renowned for its exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail. Its hotels stand out in their ability to seamlessly blend in with their environment.

At present, the chain is in the process of rebranding with an upscale image and redeveloping some older properties.

Robert Rowling is well known for his business successes, but he also supports Republican candidates with an avid heart. He has donated over $2 million to various political groups and Super PACs, including Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Public Affairs Committee.

TRT Holdings

Robert Rowling is the owner and Chairman of TRT Holdings, a multi-billion dollar private holding company. TRT primarily engages in hotel services, oil & gas exploration, and real estate investments.

TRT is the parent company of Omni Hotels & Resorts, Gold’s Gym International, and Tana Exploration. Additionally, TRT holds interests in several public companies and real estate projects.

The company owns and operates several hotels and resorts around the world, which are renowned for offering luxury lodging, fine dining, and top-notch amenities to their guests. Its 50 properties can be found in prime business and leisure destinations throughout North America and Canada.

Omni Hotels & Resorts is a leader in creating genuine guest experiences with four-diamond service and signature restaurants. The company boasts more than 16,000 associates who provide personalized attention as well as exclusive wellness programs to guarantee each guest has the best stay possible.

In 1996, TRT Holdings purchased Omni Hotels & Resorts for $500 million. Since then, TRT has built the chain into a successful business with over 50 locations across North America.

TRT has grown its company through a series of acquisitions over time. These include Tana Oil & Gas Corporation (which later merged with Texaco) and Corpus Christi National Bank.

Due to this growth, TRT became one of the largest private companies in Texas with an estimated market value of $11 billion.

However, the majority of its revenue comes from hotels and resorts. As a leader in hospitality, they boast award-winning customer service as well as their Select Guest loyalty program.

The company places great emphasis on digital innovation, franchising, and growth. Furthermore, it values employee development and training.

TRT Holdings, based in Irving, Texas, has major investments in Omni Hotels & Resorts, Gold’s Fitness, and Tana Exploration. Furthermore, TRT holds an extensive ownership stake in Waldo’s Dollar Mart Mexico.

TRT Hotels & Resorts

TRT Hotels & Resorts, headquartered in Dallas, owns the Omni Hotel chain as well as Gold’s Gym International and various real estate projects.

Blake Rowling, president, and CEO of TRT Holdings and Omni Hotels & Resorts lead the company. With more than 25 years of experience in real estate development, finance, and energy sectors, his expertise is unmatched.

Before joining TRT Holdings in 2007, he served in executive capacities at GE Capital and Citibank Financial Groups. Since then, the company has expanded to about 60 hotels across North America that are managed and owned by Omni Corporate with two of its properties franchised.

In 1996, TRT Holdings purchased the Omni brand from International Holdings, Ltd. and The Wharf (Holdings) Limited of Hong Kong for $135 million.

Since then, the company has expanded to 60 hotels around the world – two in Canada and one in Mexico. These properties are situated at both business and leisure destinations.

Each of the company’s hotels boasts a distinct atmosphere, reflecting the local flavor through four-diamond services, signature restaurants, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wellness offerings. Furthermore, it provides guests with an enhanced level of recognition and rewards through its Select Guest loyalty program.

TRT Holdings owns several hotels, such as the Omni San Diego Hotel in San Diego, CA, and Omni Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, GA. Furthermore, TRT Owns Omni Mount Washington Resort in Hot Springs, VA.

Omni Hotel chains are renowned for their impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, its hotels boast some of the industry’s premier golf courses and spas.

In addition to their newest property, Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West, they own other full-service hotels throughout Texas and California. These include Omni Houston Hotel Westside, Omni San Antonio Hotel at The Colonnade, and Omni Jacksonville Hotel – all full-service establishments.

In January 2012, TRT Holdings revealed their plans to relocate their headquarters from Irving to Dallas. The shared office, which will be shared by TRT Holdings, Omni Hotels & Resorts, and Gold’s Gym International, is expected to open in 2013.

TRT Hospitality Group

TRT Hospitality Group owns Omni Hotel, an expansive chain of hotels and resorts across America. With more than 50 properties in various destinations, this leading luxury hospitality provider continues to grow rapidly.

TRT Holdings has owned the company for 25 years and has seen its hotel properties grow steadily. TRT Hotels’ hotels have always been more profitable than their big-box hotel competitors.

Omni has invested heavily in expanding its resort collection since 2013 when it acquired six KSL Resorts properties. Over the last five years, this portfolio has seen significant expansion with new build openings occurring in Fort Worth (2009), Dallas (2011), Nashville (2013), Louisville (2018), and Oklahoma City (2021).

Omni has seen tremendous success with their group/convention center hotels, where they have invested heavily since 2009. In 2021 alone, they opened three properties here and plan to open two more by year-end.

TRT Holdings, the parent company of Omni Hotels & Resorts, is a privately-owned holding company with interests in hotels, energy, fitness, and real estate. Its assets include the Omni hotel chain, Gold’s Gym International, Tana Exploration, and Waldo’s Dollar Mart in Mexico.

Omni PGA Frisco Resort, opening in 2023, will feature 510 luxurious guest rooms and Texas ranch homes. In addition to entertainment, dining, and retail options, the hotel will boast two championship golf courses. Fields is a larger 2,000-acre development set to open its doors for business two years later at $10 billion – providing Fields with its kickoff point.

The company has a proud legacy of exceeding customer satisfaction. It earned J.D. Power and Associates “Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upscale Hotel Chains” distinctions three times between 2000, 2005, and 2006.

TRT Holdings is a privately-owned, Texas-based holding company with primdirectestments in hospitality, energy, and fitness. TRT Holdings is listed on the S&P 500 index and its stock price has grown more than 900% over the last decade.

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