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What distinguishes a hotel from a motel?

It is interesting to note that many people need to learn the difference between a hotel and a motel. Furthermore, at some point in their lives, they may have visited a motel and a hotel without caring to know the difference. In addition, the issue of motel and hotel differences has been lingering for a while.

However, people don’t care about the difference between a hotel and a motel because they offer the same services. To add to this, the history of both the hotel and motel dates back to the 1920s. Read this article to learn more about the difference between a hotel and a motel.

A Hotel vs. a Motel

No doubt, the hospitality industry has grown significantly. Over several decades, the difference between a motel and a hotel has become thinner every day. Despite having a lot of similarities, motels, and hotels still have differences. Let’s take a look!


Motels are frequently located on major highways, while others are in remote areas. Also, you can find motels located close to businesses that cater to travelers, like restaurants, service stations, and convenience stores. On the other hand, you will find hotels in the city center or close to the airports. Also, hotels occupy a larger land mass compared to hotels.

Facilities and Amenities

You can’t find the kind of amenities that are available at a hotel in a motel. Motels often have the basic amenities that visitors need to sleep, rest, and continue with their journey. Hotels are preferable if you want to stay longer in the city because they have more commodities than hotels. Not to mention, you may not find facilities like fitness centers, laundry rooms, or swimming pools in a motel.


You may not find a restaurant in a motel. Some hotels have more than one restaurant. Some restaurants are designed to serve guests the hotel’s local cuisine, while others are designed to serve international fare. However, a motel will provide you with a grab-and-go breakfast or coffee in the lobby. However, not every motel offers meals in its lobby.


One of the fundamental differences between a hotel and a motel is their prices. The cost of lodging in a motel is less expensive compared to hotels. The cost of housing in a hotel is higher than in a motel. Sometimes, the cost of lodging in a hotel for a night can pay your bills for staying in a motel for one month. More so, you can opt for a motel if you’re traveling to another city and don’t want to drive or travel at night.


Your personal preference should determine whether you should opt for a motel or hotel. However, if you need to get up and get going quickly, then opt for a motel because it will save you a lot of money. A motel is a better choice for travelers and visitors who want to finish an assignment without spending so much. If you are always asking where can I find a motel near me cheap? Check out hospitality apps or websites.

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