Types of Hotel Rooms

types of hotel rooms

There are several different types of hotel rooms available. Some of these include suites, doubles, and penthouses. These are all excellent choices for travelers, whether on vacation or business. So before you make a decision, make sure you know the differences.


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you might find yourself in the market for a luxury hotel room. Luxury rooms boast the latest technology, fine furnishings, and over-the-top creature comforts. But if you are looking for the best, you might want to consider a penthouse.

Penthouses are typically apartments on the uppermost floors of buildings. They are often divided into several suites. The most expensive penthouses can be as large as 10,000 square feet. Some have hot tubs, a fireplace, and multiple master suites. You might even have your private backyard. Depending on where you stay, you might have access to concierge services.

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park borrows from New York history to create two new Legendary Suites. One of them features a 2,500-square-foot terrace with breathtaking views of Central Park. The other offers a private in-suite champagne bar and automotive accents.

A penthouse is ideal for travelers who want the best of everything. Depending on where you stay, you may get a view of the city, the Hudson River, and even the One World Trade Center. Other perks include a private library and conservatory.

Penthouses can be fun, but you’ll have to splurge to get them. A luxurious suite can cost you thousands of dollars per night. You’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of memories if you can afford it.


Hotel suites come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. They are usually larger than standard hotel rooms and offer more space and amenities.

Generally, a hotel suite is a room with a separate living area, usually featuring a small kitchen. Many hotel suites also offer more space, such as a dining area. These types of accommodations are ideal for family vacations or trips with friends.

If you are traveling with a group, you may want to consider booking a suite. Most hotels offer connecting suites, which allow guests to move between rooms. However, this arrangement is not always available. It is best to book a connecting suite at least two months in advance.

Junior suites are often smaller versions of standard suites. These types of hotel rooms typically include sofa beds and a dining area. You may also have a partition between your living and sleeping space.

Premium suites are generally more expensive than standard suites, but they are designed to meet higher standards. You may have a better view, more spacious rooms, and additional services such as luxury toiletries and a workstation.

When booking a suite, it is essential to check for add-on services. This could include a kitchen, washer, dryer, or wet bar. It would be best to compare pricing to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Double rooms

There are many hotel rooms, each offering different benefits and features. Hotels are constantly evolving and trying to stay up with the competition. Hoteliers are also always looking for ways to make their guest’s experience more enjoyable. One of the best ways to ensure guests have a positive experience is to provide complimentary amenities.

When planning to visit a new hotel, it’s essential to understand the various room types. The type of room you choose will depend on multiple factors, including the size of your party, the layout, and the kind of bed you plan to use.

A standard double hotel room is an excellent choice for families or couples on vacation. These rooms contain air conditioning, a work desk, a mini-bar, and an ironing board. Some rooms are equipped with wireless internet service.

For travelers who like to get a bit of privacy, a suite may be the best option. These rooms are often larger and have an additional bed. Suites can be a bit more expensive than other hotels but offer more privacy and convenience.

In addition to the standard double room, some hotels offer a “double king” or “double queen” room. This type of room is also a good choice for travelers who want to save money.

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