Inntel Hotel – A Mid-Range Hotel in Zaandam, Netherlands

Inntel hotel has an excellent location, as it is close to many places of interest, such as the Old Town area, the San Francisco Botanical Garden, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is also an excellent choice for a meeting or event, thanks to its well-equipped rooms and meeting space. Also, it is one of the few hotels in San Francisco that are geared towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, which means that you can count on it to be environmentally friendly.

Service and hospitality

Service and hospitality are vital parts of the Inntel Hotels experience. They are committed to the environment and sustainability and have a CSR statement that details their sustainable purchasing practices.

Guests can enjoy amenities such as a fitness center, sauna, spa, and indoor pool. Hotel rooms also have coffee/tea makers, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen televisions. Located within walking distance of the central train station, Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre is a convenient base to explore the city.

While staying at Inntel Hotels, guests can enjoy a wide range of dining options. The onsite restaurant serves local dishes, and the café has a bar and sauna. Additionally, a concierge service can book reservations at restaurants in the area.

All Inntel Hotels have been tested and certified by the Safe Health Protocol to ensure a healthy and safe stay. This program tests the hotel’s cleanliness, hygiene, and safety, as well as the quality of its facilities.


Inntel Hotel is a mid-range property located in the quaint town of Zaandam. It is located near the Zaandam train station in the northeastern part of the city. This area is an ideal base for exploring the rest of Amsterdam.

The Inntel Hotel boasts several facilities, including a wellness center and a small restaurant. There is also an outdoor terrace with views of the canal. The hotel provides a bike rental service for travelers looking to experience the city by bicycle.

Aside from the facilities, the Inntel Hotel has a convenient tram connection to the RAI Congress and Exhibition Centre. Also, the hotel is in a perfect location for a trip to the Zaans Museum.

The Inntel Hotel’s most notable feature is a complete mural in the room. This design is a nice touch. Other amenities include a shower, toilet, and minibar.

Meeting and event rooms

The meeting and event facilities of Inntel Hotels can range from a single well-suited room to a fully serviced conference center. The company has been catering to small and large events alike since 1996, and they offer a comprehensive portfolio of spaces to suit your business needs. These include the Utrecht Centre, the Rotterdam Centre, the Amsterdam Landmark, the Art Hotel Eindhoven, and the glitzy The Hague Marina Beach. You’ll find the perfect spot if you need a venue for an executive meeting, a swanky cocktail reception, or a slick event for your employees.

Aside from the standard fare, the Inntel Hotels’ shiniest meeting spaces come with state-of-the-art presentation equipment. This includes a full-sized conference table, audio and video equipment, and a wide array of breakout rooms to suit your business needs.

Discounted rate per 24 hours

The Inntel Hotel is located in the northeastern city of Zaandam. It is a modern hotel that has a sleek interior and a full roster of amenities. It is an excellent choice for affordable accommodation that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

The Inntel Hotel is situated near the RAI Congress and Exhibition Centre and is a few minutes walk from Dam square. This is a good location for those interested in exploring Amsterdam’s history. Guests can take a short tram ride to the Red Light District, a popular area to spend the evening.

Guests can choose from several rooms, each with a contemporary design and a private bathroom. The hotel also has a small wellness center. Guests can enjoy a daily spa treatment or use the sauna. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast and dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

There is a growing interest among hoteliers in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. These initiatives help hotels improve their business. They also preserve the local environment and community. By nurturing these practices, hotels can save money. In addition, they can differentiate themselves from their competition. Moreover, these initiatives can be used as marketing tools to attract customers interested in the sustainable world.

To promote sustainability, hotels must measure their performance based on predefined indicators. This will enable them to evaluate the effectiveness of their environmental practices in practice. As such, these indicators can serve as a framework to help hotels develop and implement their marketing activities.

One of the most common and important types of indicators is the hotel’s sustainability report. Such reports provide an understandable overview of the environmental activities performed by a hotel. However, a message must be tailored to the specific nature of the hotel and its operations.

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