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How to Use a Travel Router in Hotel

This article will explain how to use a hotel travel router to ensure you can stay connected while you are away. We’ll also cover how to convert a wired connection to wireless, make a hotel’s wifi network mobile, and fix slow wifi speeds. Once you’ve read it, you should be able to use a travel router to stay connected, and improve slow hotel wifi speeds.

Configure a travel router

A travel router allows you to connect several devices to the Internet. To use this feature, you must turn on the wifi on all your devices and the router. Then, pair the router with wifi on the other instruments. Once paired, the router will be enabled. You can then connect as many devices as you like, but there’s usually a limit to the number of devices connected simultaneously.

If you are traveling to a place without wifi, you can still use your laptop to access the Internet. You can use the hotel’s SSID to connect to the travel router. The SSID is a name you can remember, so make sure to choose something simple. An AP router also has a USB port to charge, which is convenient if you’re not in the hotel’s main building.

Convert a wired connection into a wireless network

Before signing up for a hotel Internet plan, ensure your laptop is already connected to the wireless router. The hotel will recognize your travel router as a new device. Then, plug in your travel router. Once connected, the hotel should automatically recognize it as a wireless network. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up for another internet plan.

Most travel routers can convert a wired connection into a wireless one. Afterward, you can connect your laptop to the newly created wireless network. Some models even have two Ethernet ports, connecting two wired devices simultaneously. Depending on which model you purchase, you may need to follow a manual to install the software. If you don’t have an ethernet cable handy, you can always buy one at the hotel and connect to that.

Convert a hotel’s wifi network into a mobile hotspot

If you’ve been on a business trip and noticed that a hotel has an unreliable wifi network, you may wonder how to change that. Many hotels lock their wifi network behind a dynamic captive portal, requiring you to pay additional fees for each device that wants to connect. The solution is to install a “mobile router” – similar to an ADSL broadband modem/router at home – that turns any cabled connection into a wireless hotspot.

To convert a hotel’s wifi network to a mobile hotspot, install the Thinix wifi Hotspot app on your smartphone or tablet. The app costs $13 and can share an Ethernet or wifi connection. Bluetooth connections are also available but are slower. Wifi is the default network. After completing the app installation steps, you can turn on the mobile hotspot.

Fix slow wifi speeds in a hotel

If you constantly struggle with slow wifi speeds in a hotel, it’s time to get a travel router. These devices bridge your laptop and the hotel’s wireless network, rebroadcasting a weak signal under a new network name. The result is a faster, more stable connection. Plus, most of these routers come with sensitive built-in antennas that allow them to pick up even the faintest wifi signal. That means you can still browse the Web even when out of range.

One of the biggest reasons for slow wifi speeds in hotels is that many of the devices in the hotel aren’t equipped with enough scope. This is especially the case with older devices, whose network speed is often severely restricted. However, modern machines have a feature that allows them to combine multiple wireless adapters into a single connection. This feature helps you get access to the Internet even if you’re traveling with several people.

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