Hiking Trails in Jacques Cartier National Park

jacques cartier national park

The Jacques Cartier National Park is home to several trails perfect for hiking or biking. These trails range in length and difficulty, but all are well worth the visit. Some popular courses include Les Cascades, Le Perdreau, and the Les Loups loop.

Les Loups trail

The Les Loups trail in Jacques Cartier national park is one of the most popular. It is an out-and-back hike that takes you along the Jacques Cartier River. You will pass through different types of forests, including mixed, coniferous, and boreal.

In the past, the Jacques Cartier area was inhabited by the Montagnais. It is now a part of the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve, which was created in 1895 due to pressure from the American conservationist movement.

Located just 30 minutes from Quebec city, Jacques Cartier national park is home to many animals. Some species include moose, caribou, wolves, porcupines, beavers, and foxes. This national park is a beautiful place to go hiking, fishing, and skiing.

Le Scotora trail

The Le Scotora Trail in Jacques Cartier National Park is one of the longest hiking trails in the park. It is located on the Parc National Road at km 30.

The hike is a gradual ascent that passes through a spongy peat bog and yellow birch forest. The trail ends at the summit of Mount Adante.

You’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Laurentian Massif as you reach the top of the mountain. The trail is very popular among hikers and amateur bird watchers. Several peaks are visible, including Mont Francois-De Laval, the highest peak in the park.

For a more strenuous hike, consider the Les Loups Trail. This challenging loop takes you to the top of the Sautauriski Valley. You’ll need to wear a pair of crampons and a pair of hiking boots to complete the hike.

Les Cascades loop

There are many hiking trails in the Parc National de la Jacques Cartier. These trails have excellent views and a variety of recreational activities. They also allow you to see wildlife. This park is home to over 100 species of birds. It is located 30 minutes north of Quebec city. You can visit this park alone or with your family.

During winter months, you can enjoy skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing. In the summer, you can participate in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, kayaking, and camping. The park has 114 campsites.

Jacques Cartier National Park offers a variety of hikes with many different difficulty levels. If you’re not the strongest of hikers, you can still enjoy some of the best hiking in the country.

One of the most popular trails in the park is the Les Loups Trail. This loop is 5.9 km long and climbs to a peak in the Sautauriski valley. Hikers can go up to altitudes of 727 meters. Some of the highlights include glimpses of the Laurentian Massif.

Le Perdreau loop

If you’re looking for a trail that takes you to the heart of Jacques Cartier National Park, the Le Perdreau loop is a great choice. Through beautiful maple forests, this trail stretches more than three miles along the Jacques Cartier river. It also passes through the Buvard Lake Recreation Area.

The park’s pristine scenery offers a variety of activities, from hiking to fishing. You can learn more about the natural environment by visiting the Discovery and Visitors Centre. Located at Km 10, Chemin du Parc National, the center is open all year round.

The Jacques Cartier river valley offers breathtaking views. It’s also home to various wildlife. Some of the animals that can be found here include moose, porcupines, black bears, and wolves. A fishing license is required and must be purchased at the site.

Picnic areas

There are many scenic locations and picnic areas in the Jacques-Cartier National Park. This pristine natural space is home to 25 mountains that reach up to 3,300 feet in elevation. It also protects the caribou, moose, and white-tailed deer of the Gaspe Peninsula. The park is home to the only caribou herd that lives south of the St. Lawrence River.

Visitors can explore the park on foot or by Nordic skis. During the winter months, the park turns into a winter wonderland. In the summer, visitors can enjoy kayaking or canoeing along the river. These activities are great for the whole family.

Some of the more popular picnic areas in the Jacques-Cartier park include the Plains of Abraham and the Domaine de Maizerets. The Plains of Abraham offers large, green grassy areas to picnic on. Located on the battlefield where British troops defeated French troops in 1759, the Plains of Abraham is an ideal venue for a picnic.

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